Furthermore, as an expert in Real Estate and Business Development, I am skilled in Sales and Marketing Optimization, but my true passion is Design, Branding and Content Writing.

📚 Being a NLP practitioner, I mostly speak and write about Personal Growth Mindset and how important it is to develop one, as it will lead you to personal and business success. While personal growth and professional growth may seem like two separate concepts, they are more intertwined than you may think. I also wrote a book on the same topic, which will be out soon.

🧘‍♀️ Also, I am a yogini, and I write about Yoga as a power of transformation based on my own experience. With regular yoga practice, we are able to see our true willingness to transform ourselves on an emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual level.

✨ In addition, I create content on demand tailored to the needs of your business. Either it be a new website to create, a social media post to generate, or a business portfolio to design.


What is your average TAT?
For different content types, I have different turnaround times as each content requirement is very different.

What if I don’t like the first draft?
No problem! Content creation is a process. If there are certain edits that need to be made so a draft matches your needs, let me know asap. You can send me your request or feedback in an email. You can also attach a document with your suggested revisions or edit requests.

How do you charge for your services?
My fees are charged on a time and effort basis – by the hour/by the word/by the piece.